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A nice dashboard or platform, but what now? Have you had a nice interactive dashboard or platform made, or maybe a system that handles all your API calls? Then now is the time to put it live and enjoy your product. But where should you host that, we at 4BIS offer fast Symfony hosting in different packages. And because we also use Symfony for our customers, we have various experts who can always answer any question you may have.


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Symfony is a framework for PHP to create clear and well-arranged web applications relatively quickly. Now you’re wondering why do I need a framework when I can just write it in PHP. A framework contains a large number of reusable components, which saves your development team a lot of time. It is much easier to maintain because the maintenance of the separate modules is arranged by those who wrote it. And because of the many reusable elements, the entry level is a lot lower to let new people participate in your project

Why Symfony?

There are a number of reasons why Symfony is so well known but above all a pleasure to work with.

1. Very large community. Because Symfony enjoys such great fame, it is used in many projects, which means that thousands of people contribute to the community.

2. Huge flexibility. Symfony is one of the most versatile frameworks. This is mainly due to the Bundles and Components. Bundles are comparable to WordPress plugins, they add a certain functionality. Components are generic functions that make the development process easier

3. Good documentation. One Word Symphony Cookbook. Symfony’s documentation is some of the best out there and is backed up with lots of examples making it easy for any developer to use.

As you can read there are plenty of reasons why so many developers are such a big fan of Symfony.


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