virtual private server

Your virtual private server (VPS) is an environment on a physical server where you have full control over your software. VPS is useful if you want to use an outdated or specialized software package or if you develop your own business software. With virtual private server you can make a custom configuration of the server.

VPS has the ability to adapt and dynamically scale the operating system and server environment in case you need more resources need. Our fast servers and linked services help you quickly and easily set up a customized VPS. Do you want more technical support? Then you can always opt for the premium VPS. We keep your servers as safe as possible and maintain the underlying infrastructure. That way you don’t have to worry.


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4BIS Virtual private servers

Within 4BIS we have extensive experience with VPS. We are happy to help you do the right configuration and create the environment for your business software. Our clients include web studios, logistics companies, event organizations and government institutions. It’s an easy way to run your application without worrying about hardware and infrastructure.

We have developed and set up our VPS service in such a way that your company can grow and scale quickly. For example, you can easily replicate your server with snapshots and we take care of the full backup. On request we can create a private network within your VPS

Our 4BIS VPSs all use data centers that are CO2-neutral and run on 100% renewable energy.

Order my VPS

You can easily order 4BIS VPS by informing us about your wishes for VPS. We will work with you to determine which resources and environment you need for the optimal performance of your company and your application.

Go to our quote form andwe will contact you about the possibilities.


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