Domain registration

Check quickly and easily if your domain name is still available. Without filling in anything and paying, you will know for yourself if your domain is still available.

Desired domain available? Then you can choose to create an account with us to get started. You fill in the necessary information and the domain as desired. After agreeing to our terms and conditions, you are in possession of a 4BIS Account in which your data is securely stored. You can then continue to purchase your domain. Pay with the desired bank and immediately receive your invoice and proof that you are now the owner of your new domain.






Which one should I choose?

en .com .net? There is an awful lot of choice. You can choose a country such as .us or .de or just .nl or .com. But you can also choose a .net or a .wiki

The price depends on which one you choose. For example, a .com will be slightly more expensive than a .nl

How does it WORK?

If you choose a domain at 4BIS you pay per year. You will then be in possession of this domain for a year. After 1 year you can choose to use the purchased domain for longer or to refrain from it.

If you own a domain with us, you are not obliged to do anything with it. You can just keep the domain without setting up a website. You can simply keep the domain at 4BIS Innovations until you are ready to do something with it.


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