Domain Management

You can easily request a domain with us. We will then ensure that your domain is registered in your name. This way the domain is yours and you can get started with it.

More than just a Domain?

We supply an SSL certificate as standard with an application for a domain. We also take care of the DNS.

Need an email? No problem! Let us know. We will then ensure that your email is sent to your domain.


In addition to your domain, we also host your email addresses. We ensure that your email addresses are always and everywhere available. This way you are available to people and can contact people via your own email address. It is possible to use this on both your computer and your telephone. We ensure that your mailbox is regularly backed up so you don’t have to worry about losing emails. It is even possible to create multiple email addresses per purchased domain.

Customer portal

You can add, adjust and remove your DNS records that belong to your domain via our customer portal that you have developed yourself. You can also view and manage your purchased domains. This way you can purchase, modify or cancel domains. Email addresses can also be created, modified and deleted at your domains. For each domain it can be viewed which email addresses have been created.


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