Cloud storage

The 4BIS cloud is a hybrid cloud storage space that is hosted on both our servers and yours. You can use it independently or as part of your hosting package. It works in the same way as well-known platforms such as Dropbox and Google Drive.


With the 4BIS cloud you can easily upload, modify, share and download files. And it also offers you an extra advantage: you always know where your sensitive company information is stored: far away from the public cloud. In addition, you pay according to use, not per user. The 4BIS cloud was developed with the open source software from Nextcloud.

The next generation of file storage (Nextcloud)

Nextcloud is open source software for file hosting services. With Nextcloud, 4BIS can offer
you your own self-hosted file sharing platform: in the 4BIS cloud.

What is it? As with Dropbox, users can upload, access, sync and download shared files through their 4BIS cloud account. In contrast to Dropbox, we have also built a hybrid solution in addition to a full cloud solution: all your files are hosted within the 4BIS infrastructure, on our own server room in the Iron Mountain data center and possibly at your location. And unlike Dropbox, for example, you pay according to use, not per user.

Advantage? Your files are secured and encrypted, away from the public cloud
and you know exactly where they are at all times.


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